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14:32 Redmine Feature #27316 (Resolved): Highlight due date of overdue issues in the issues list
Jorge Garcia


16:09 Redmine Defect #27556 (Closed): Changes in the project view, the information is displayed in the form of columns.
The project view comes out in the form of columns, which makes the reading of the projects uncomfortable. If this is ... Jorge Garcia


12:11 Redmine Feature #27338 (New): Add ability to upload files a per role base in issues
For some roles we don't want to upload files in issues on the files, would be a nice addition if we can control this ... Jorge Garcia


22:26 Redmine Feature #27316 (Closed): Highlight due date of overdue issues in the issues list
I do not know if it will be a defect but in the issues view, the expiration dates are not marked in red. Only marked ... Jorge Garcia


04:46 Redmine Feature #27234 (Closed): I need put the custom fields lavel in multiple language
Internationalization the custom fields is very a very important feature y think is posible since the creation of the ... Jorge Garcia


23:04 Redmine Feature #27232 (New): The filtre of status of issues are not acording the workflow of each type of issues (tracker)
when i filter the status of diferent Tracker, in the filter field appear all the statues registered in redmine, consi... Jorge Garcia

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