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12:57 Redmine Feature #3058: Show issue history using tabs
This looks great, thanks for all your hard work on this. Hopefully it can be incorporated soon. budo kaiman


13:19 Redmine Patch #25320: Remove initial indentation of blockquotes for better readability
I'll +1 this, I think the change looks much better. budo kaiman


16:54 Redmine Feature #25988: Preview files by default instead of downloading them
+1 the default behaviour always throws me off. budo kaiman


13:02 Redmine Feature #3058: Show issue history using tabs
> It is a valid point of view. What about having the "Last visited tab" as an option in the default tab setting (alon... budo kaiman


13:21 Redmine Feature #3058: Show issue history using tabs
> Any feedback is appreciated (attached is a printscreen with all 5 tabs).
This looks excellent, one small comment...
budo kaiman


13:26 Redmine Feature #10250: Renaming "duplicates" and "duplicated by" to something less confusing
I don't think adding "Is" to the beginning really solves the problem. The biggest cause of confusion (for me at least... budo kaiman


13:13 Redmine Feature #22802: Add the posibility to set/change the position of an issue in a version
I haven't applied the patch, but I have a question. Are the issues only re-orderable on the roadmap/version page or a... budo kaiman


13:08 Redmine Feature #23310: Improved "jump to project" drop-down
Robert Schneider wrote:
> One reason, why I don't like it that much, is that I need to open the dropdown with the mo...
budo kaiman


15:54 Redmine Feature #23310: Improved "jump to project" drop-down
For mobile, where exactly does that dropdown come from? Is it from clicking on the "Redmine" project name? I defini... budo kaiman


13:48 Redmine Defect #23118: Redmine tabs appear broken
I looked at the stylesheets and found that for some reason the a_common_libs plugin had it's own application.css that... budo kaiman

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