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16:38 Redmine Feature #5168: Preview option when editing issues and notes
This was raised again as #5520 and subsequently fixed. Nigel Jones


12:05 Redmine Feature #5490: Option for independent subtask priority/start date/due date/done ratio
The way subtasks control their parents at the moment is very odd indeed.
Nigel Jones


11:12 Redmine Feature #5086: Add a warning to inform that target version is reset while moving an issue to another project
It isn't obvious that Target Version will be blanked out when an issue is moved between projects so a warning w...
Nigel Jones


17:56 Redmine Feature #3952: Filtering by subproject still shows current project's issues
I ran into this bug immediately after adding a subproject to an existing project - it makes subprojects less useful
Nigel Jones
11:10 Redmine Feature #5458: Extend Start/Due date to include time
This would help us organise tasks without resorting to MS Project
Nigel Jones
11:08 Redmine Feature #5487: Allow subtasks to cross projects
+1 from me too Nigel Jones
11:01 Redmine Feature #5462: Blocking issues to be closed which have open subtasks
Blocking the action may be too much - but a popup warning would be nice. This would let the user know that there are ... Nigel Jones


12:30 Redmine Feature #5272: Allow multiple target versions
I agree this would be a useful feature. Nigel Jones


11:51 Redmine Feature #5168 (Closed): Preview option when editing issues and notes
Currently Redmine provides a 'preview' feature when creating an issue for the first time or creating a new note on an... Nigel Jones

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