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08:25 Redmine Defect #30753 (Closed): Plugins auto_load and eager_load paths
This is actually a follow-up patch to #30725 (as I was digging deeper into this topic).
If a plugin uses e.g. _Act...
Florian Schwab


10:04 Redmine Patch #30725: Plugin eager_load should depend on environment setting instead of name
Sorry, I forgot to change the tracker to *Patch*. Florian Schwab
10:03 Redmine Patch #30725 (Closed): Plugin eager_load should depend on environment setting instead of name
Currently the _app_ directories are added to the _eager_load_ paths if the environment name is _production_.
see: ...
Florian Schwab


16:32 Redmine Feature #3568: New view-hook in contextual "(action) menu" in issues show view
I created a patch, which will hopefully speed things up ;-) Florian Schwab


21:59 Redmine Patch #13927: Reduce coupling between plugins and the "plugins/" directory
I added another issue a while back with a patch that extends this with the (at least in my opinion) missing su...
Florian Schwab


14:19 Redmine Defect #15113 (Closed): The mail method should return a Mail::Message
The overwritten _mail_ method (_ActionMailer::Base_) in source:trunk/app/models/mailer.rb should return a _Mail_ obje... Florian Schwab


00:06 Redmine Patch #14402 (Closed): Plugin migration directory should use plugin directory
Currently the plugin migrate directory is fixed to "plugins/<plugin_name>/db/migrate" but the plugin API allows setti... Florian Schwab


23:27 Redmine Feature #11087: Calculate Total Time Spent on Parent Issue
Issues #11566 and #11253 also describe this problem/feature.
Florian Schwab
23:23 Redmine Defect #11566: Spent Time isn't added on Issue List page
This is the same problem as in #11253
Florian Schwab


15:59 Redmine Feature #11253 (Closed): Total time spent from subtasks on the issue list
On the issue list the progress bar includes the progress of the subtasks and the estimated time is the sum of the est... Florian Schwab

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