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09:58 Redmine Feature #23763 (Resolved): REST API fixed_version shown in issues list
Ok monday and too early for me ... Indeed the target version shows up in my json object - *when* I call an issue _wit... Timon Eckert
09:56 Redmine Feature #23763 (Closed): REST API fixed_version shown in issues list
Hi I didn't found anything about it.
Is it possible to show the fixed_version/target version of an issue when retr...
Timon Eckert


09:11 Redmine Feature #5557: Show description of files in files tab
The feature is quite simple (unfortunately I currently can't setup a contribution environment)
In @redmine/app/vie...
Timon Eckert


09:40 Redmine Defect #23369 (Closed): encoding error in locales de.yml
we encountered a problem in the german translation file `de.yml`.
the following term values:
* mail_body...
Timon Eckert


10:41 Redmine Help: RE: Local Git repository shows "404 The entry or revision was not found in the repository" error
I guess the apache user needs the permission to read the git repository directory (if it is not a bare repo).
Timon Eckert


19:47 Redmine Development: Mantis to redmine import contribution
I'm currently trying to setup a redmine server for our company.
Currently we're using mantis as an issue tr...
Timon Eckert
10:12 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineMigrate (#33)
mantis trick doesn't exist anymore & - non-destructive migration doesn't have any support anymore Timon Eckert
09:22 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineInstallOSXMavericksServer (#35)
various typos Timon Eckert
09:15 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineInstallOSXMavericksServer (#34)
on el capitan the command line fails installing the apache2-module due to that you have to use rvmsudo instead of sudo Timon Eckert

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