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Show description of files in files tab

Added by Daniel Luedemann over 13 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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It would be great if, under the Files tab, Redmine showed the description entered when sending a file.

I know it's shown when the mouse hovers the file's title, but in my company we use descriptions a lot and it's not very comfortable to have to hover in every file. Sometimes, some files have even the same title.

I modified views/projects/list_files.rhtml to show the description, but maybe we could have some kind if configuration option to decide whether or not to show the description.

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Has duplicate Redmine - Feature #1205: Display file description in File listingClosed2008-05-07

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Updated by Holger Just over 13 years ago

On DevMeeting1 we agreed on merging the Documents and Files sections. But this will probably only be part of Version 1.1.0

Please add your modification as a patch here, so that the UX Team can use it during the redesign.

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Updated by Daniel Luedemann over 13 years ago

Well, I must warn you that I have ANY skills in Ruby, I had never seen a line of code in Ruby before :)

The modification I made is very simple, I changed line 30.


 <td class="filename"><%= link_to_attachment file, :download => true, :title => file.description %></td>


<td class="filename"><%= if file.description.empty?
                               link_to_attachment file, :download => true, :title => file.description
                               link_to_attachment file, :download => true, :title => file.description, :text => file.filename + \
" - " + file.description
                             end %></td>

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Updated by Sandra Filgueira over 13 years ago

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Updated by Go MAEDA almost 8 years ago

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Updated by Timon Eckert over 7 years ago

The feature is quite simple (unfortunately I currently can't setup a contribution environment)

In redmine/app/views/files/index.html.erb just add the following (works in version 3.3.0):

# in the thead section add the following line after :field_filename
<%= sort_header_tag('filename', :caption => l(:field_description)) %>

# in the <th> section the colspan is extended to 7, because we have a new column

# now in the table row section of the table data, add the following line after the existing filename td
<td class="filename"><%= link_to_attachment file, :download => true, :text => file.description %></td>
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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 7 years ago

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Updated by Stephen Ostrow about 1 year ago

At some point this was Feature was added to list the description next to the listing of files in the description of the ticket; however, it still does not display the description of the File in the issue update comment which shows a File was added. This is quite annoying and should be fairly trivial to add.


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