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16:22 Redmine Feature #5557: Show description of files in files tab
At some point this was Feature was added to list the description next to the listing of files in the description of t...


17:46 Redmine Defect #5969: Attachments with size zero are ignored
Felix Schäfer wrote:
> Any reason for not uploading null-sized attachments, or on the other hand any reason for want...


21:40 Redmine Feature #18556 (New): Add ability to configure limit of attachments at once
Currently there is a hard limit of only 10 attachments per change of an issue. It would be nice if this was configura...
21:38 Redmine Feature #18555 (Closed): Show warning when attempting to attach more than the allowed number of a...
I was just notified by an employee of mine that my ticket was missing some of the attached files that should have bee...


00:08 Redmine Feature #18189: Ability to display Issue Count in the sidebar next to custom queries
Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:
> Already discussed in note #2679-25.
Interesting, I missed that. Do you know of any pl...
21:25 Redmine Feature #18189 (New): Ability to display Issue Count in the sidebar next to custom queries
Most of the functionality from #2679 has now been built into redmine; however, one fairly minor thing it's missing is...


23:50 Redmine Defect #9783: PDF Export ignores Child pages
Present in Redmine 1.4.3.stable as well.
23:48 Redmine Defect #9842: {{toc}} is not replaced by table of content when exporting wiki page to pdf
This is present in Redmine 1.4.3.stable as well.


23:14 Redmine Help: Where does the "Wiki" field for Versions get used
This has been bugging me for a month or so now since I first started using redmine. When creating a new "Version" th...


23:29 Redmine Help: RE: Possible that Subversion repository is too large
Never mind. I decided to start looking at phpMyAdmin while hitting the page and I realized the changesets kept incre...

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