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10:08 Redmine Feature #22326 (New): New 'Remaining Time' field -- NOT related to the % done
To enable burn down charts, users should report the remaining time per task in the iteration (version). This field sh... Amr Noaman


13:15 Redmine Feature #15180: Start date on versions
+1 The issue is that it is misleading. new users enter the start date of the version instead of the due date. At leas... Amr Noaman


22:13 Redmine Patch #13988: Enhanced Arabic translation
This should be a patch, but couldn't change the type of the issue. Amr Noaman
20:31 Redmine Patch #13988 (Closed): Enhanced Arabic translation
I have adjusted the arabic translation to match the majority of arabic speakers in Egypt, the gulf area, and the Midd... Amr Noaman


11:48 Redmine Feature #6332: "OR" filter and not only "AND" filter
+1 for this. Amr Noaman


14:37 Redmine Feature #408: Assign a task to multiple users
I'm absolutely for assigning multiple persons not group. It would not be intuitive to create a group and assign ...
Amr Noaman


10:43 Redmine Feature #549: Indicate issue dependencies in gantt
It would really replace other tools like microsoft project, which I only use it for diagramming Gantt charts!
Amr Noaman

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