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12:36 Redmine Help: Customise the redmine search to not return closed stories?
We have a large number of stories within our projects and we currently use the search facility to find relevant stori... Lee Jones


17:05 Redmine Help: Add user as a watcher when they comment or update an Issue
Is it possible to configure redmine so that when a user updates or comments on an Issue that they are automatically a... Lee Jones


16:52 Redmine Feature #2829: Ability to set default search filter for Issues
Did anything get done about this? I would also like to change the default search filter. Lee Jones
16:29 Redmine Help: Issue priority
Is it possible for each user to assign their own personal priorities to issues, which other users can not see/change.... Lee Jones


13:15 Redmine Help: Relate an Issue to more than one version
I want to be able to relate an issue to more than one version because in our development plan we a 6 monthly ver...
Lee Jones


16:00 Redmine Help: RE: Subtasks
Thanks for the reply. I have just noticed that the subtasking feature is only available in version 1.0 and higher and... Lee Jones
12:42 Redmine Help: Subtasks
Hi, does anyone know how I can create sub-tasks from an Issue?
Lee Jones


18:12 Redmine Help: wiki default page
Hi, we have one projects with many subprojects. Within the primary project we have a wiki.
We need the ability for...
Lee Jones


12:58 Redmine Help: print wiki
I have wiki set up with multiple pages and was wondering if it is possible to print the contents of all the page...
Lee Jones


12:15 Redmine Help: Customise New Issue page?
Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to customise the "New issue" page? More specificallly I would like to make so... Lee Jones

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