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12:09 Redmine Feature #18668 (New): Issue reference when receiving emails
When using a issue reference like @[Issue #455]@ and configuring redmine to receive emails by polling a IMAP/POP3 acc...


09:30 Redmine Feature #12325: Add mailto link including subject to help sending mails back to Redmine Extend em...
Would be great for support cases where we write email to customers. We currently add the ticket number to the ...


16:21 Redmine Feature #6401: Make Wiki Redirects editable
Joshua Masek wrote:
> FYI, a workaround without going to the database:
> # Originally named page "...


16:47 Redmine Defect #9842: {{toc}} is not replaced by table of content when exporting wiki page to pdf
16:45 Redmine Feature #7159: Bulk watch/unwatch issues from the context menu
Unwatching multiple closed issues is tedious and they quickly fill up the "Watched issues" block on "My page"


18:32 Redmine Feature #9163: Automatic display of README files when browsing repo.


14:14 Redmine Feature #1828: Default target version for new issues


17:01 Redmine Feature #2222: Single section edit.


11:20 Redmine Defect #949: Style not applied to wiki image
The CSS fix is perfect, in the meantime..


11:38 Redmine Feature #482: Default assignee on each project
The project jumpbox seems to be affected by this patch - it will just show the projects, this user is assigned to as ...

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