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15:13 Redmine Feature #16500: Issue number aliases
Actually ISSUE-ID worked perfectly for most of us until redmine 3.
The plugin doesn't replace the ID of the issue....


11:17 Redmine Feature #3972: Translation for field values
Surprisingly this is an important issue for some users.
I have non english users who are completely lost wi...


16:04 Redmine Feature #1853: Make Projects truly independent of each other
+1 if we could have project *blueprints*:
Each blueprint would allows a different configuration (trackers, permiss...


12:24 Redmine Feature #8818: Repository user-mapping with multiple email addresses
Spectacular! Thank you!


14:21 Redmine Feature #2897: Tagging in Redmine
+1 this is needed on larger projects where issue should be added to multiple categories.


14:26 Redmine Feature #3956: Login by Email
+1 I maintain a redmine for freelance and personal projects and friends/customers tend to try using their emails.


15:16 Redmine Feature #5973: Ability to set project icons
+1. This feature is very limited in codebase but it helps a lot when navigating multi-project sites.


10:52 Redmine Feature #11757: Add support for HDPI screens (retina)
Should I go with the ruby changes or should I try the javascript approach first?


05:08 Redmine Feature #11757: Add support for HDPI screens (retina)
After reading some material about HDPI for web applications I came to the following conclusion: javascript might not ...


13:05 Redmine Feature #11757: Add support for HDPI screens (retina)
I would like to help with the move to hdpi.
I can help with the implementation I will simply need the graphic asse...

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