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Login by Email

Added by Benson M over 9 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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Category:Accounts / authentication
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I was looking at a phpBB MOD and thought this is something good any site with user authentication could use.
It lets you login with your email address, and disallows people registering new usernames that match the emails of previously registered users.

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#1 Updated by Felix Schäfer over 8 years ago

  • Category set to Accounts / authentication
  • Assignee deleted (Chaoqun Zou)

#2 Updated by James Robertson almost 8 years ago

+1 (see #8186 for more details)

#3 Updated by Robert Claypool over 6 years ago

I vote for this. It would be very useful.

#4 Updated by Latchezar Tzvetkoff almost 6 years ago

Hi! We have a heavy-used Redmine install at our company and we've found out that most users get confused with those IRC'ish logins, so we needed to patch email login in.
NB: We maintain a patch set we apply after every update, but we think that most of the people will be happy to have email login provided in the official version.

Here is the diff against trunk:

$ svn diff
Index: app/models/user.rb
--- app/models/user.rb    (revision 11691)
+++ app/models/user.rb    (working copy)
@@ -160,7 +160,13 @@

     # Make sure no one can sign in with an empty login or password
     return nil if login.empty? || password.empty?
-    user = find_by_login(login)
+    if login.match(/\A([^@\s]+)@((?:[-a-z0-9]+\.)+[a-z]{2,})\z/)
+      user = find_by_mail(login)
+    else
+      user = find_by_login(login)
+    end
     if user
       # user is already in local database
       return nil unless user.active?

#5 Updated by F Abu-Nimeh over 4 years ago

login using email is useful

#6 Updated by Slawomir CALUCH over 4 years ago

+1 I maintain a redmine for freelance and personal projects and friends/customers tend to try using their emails.

A few stopped connecting to redmine due to the unmet expectation.

I think this could be an option in `/settings?tab=authentication`

#7 Updated by Dimitris Vi over 4 years ago


for some people having to remember yet another username is not as trivial as it might sound, and when you use their e-mail as username it is ugly and can even mess with the issues list table's layout

#8 Updated by Pierre Maigne over 4 years ago


As far as I can see, it has very little impact,and I would not need to modify user.rb file at each update :)

#9 Updated by Robert Hailey over 3 years ago


#10 Updated by Enziin System 10 months ago


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