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00:42 Redmine Help: RE: Using Gmail for notification messages
Very helpful, thank you!
I recently updated to Redmine 1.2 and was not receiving emails. The error was:
An ...


21:28 Redmine Defect #7516: Redmine does not work with RubyGems 1.5.0
Confirmed that this hack fixes the problem. Would it make sense to check this into the codebase for the time being, u...


01:12 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Moving from Pivotal Tracker to Redmine
To answer your questions in order:
1. Yes, the email API is a standard feature of Redmine.
2. Yes, you can use tw...


17:20 Redmine Defect #6579: Tree hierachy being currupted on multiple submissions of an issue
I can have a look at this later today since I worked on #6826.


19:07 Redmine Feature #1448: Add tags to issues
What are the different efforts trying to implement this? I see there's also a "@redmine_tagging@":


03:33 Redmine Help: RE: Strange problem with plugin asset path
Never mind. I updated to a more recent version on github and all is well. I think the source code that I was looking ...
02:58 Redmine Help: Strange problem with plugin asset path
I have redmine installed in a sub-URI at /redmine. I installed the redmine_markdown_extra_formatter plugin and I'm tr...


08:31 Redmine Help: RE: Is there some way how to put one group into an other group?
No, you can't nest groups. The "Group" header that you see is centered over the whole width of the name column, there...
08:28 Redmine Help: RE: Knowledgebase syntax question
Shachar, have you looked at the "Text formatting help" button? It shows how to do this:
1. @<pre>@ tags.


23:48 Redmine Defect #6859: Moving issues to a tracker with different custom fields should let fill these fields
I had a look through the source but I'm not familiar enough with Redmine to see what's happening.
Not sure if my i...

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