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00:04 Redmine Feature #6225: Autocomplete for custom fields of type "list"
I'd like to see this too. Sebastian M


18:46 Redmine Feature #7979: Automatically show attached images in-line
Ok, I'll hand over my geek stripes now. I didn't notice that I was the one who created this issue when commenting jus... Sebastian M
18:45 Redmine Feature #7979: Automatically show attached images in-line
Would like to echo the need for this. We use email functionality a lot and emailed attachments do get attached, but i... Sebastian M


19:51 Redmine Defect #6859: Moving issues to a tracker with different custom fields should let fill these fields
While I agree a better error message would be good, I would like to see the issue corrected functionally.
My prefe...
Sebastian M


21:00 Redmine Feature #1189: Multiselect custom fields
This is great news, thanks. Sebastian M


20:39 Redmine Feature #5541: Project Status "Closed"
My key requirement is to have the knowledge contained in an archived project be searchable.
Sebastian M


00:07 Redmine Defect #980: "For all projects" custom queries
Just a +1... I like the idea of the current "for all projects" functionality, but it is confusing for people who open... Sebastian M


18:53 Redmine Plugins: Plugin for new custom field type?
I would like to create a plugin that defines a new custom field type. I haven't done any plugins and I'm hoping that ... Sebastian M


22:37 Redmine Feature #4347: Contributing to an issue should automatically add the user to the watchers list
About to give rchady's plugin a shot. Looks good. Thanks. Sebastian M
22:30 Redmine Feature #8523: "Notify if I'm involved" should trip if I've commented on an issue
So I searched a bit more and found that this is essentially a duplicate of #4347. Sorry I didn't see that first. Sebastian M

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