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"For all projects" custom queries

Added by Paul Macdonnell over 12 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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I have setup several custom queries and marked them as "For all projects".
The first time I view this query, it works great. If I then select one of the issues in the list, then click on the custom query again, the issue list is restricted to just the issues in the project of the current issue. ie, it doesn't show all issues for all projects. If I go back out to "My page", click on "View all issues" under "Issues assigned to me", then click on the custom query again, it lists everything again.

I am running 0.7.devel.1315 on:
ruby 1.8.5 (2007-06-07 patchlevel 52) [i386-linux]
Rails 2.0.2

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#1 Updated by Carl Nygard over 12 years ago

Look here to get a proper explanation of "For all projects", which only means that the query shows up in the query list on all projects across your Redmine installation. The behavior you noted is correct, if you are on "My Page" then you have a "global" scope for your query operation. If you view one of those issues, then you are now looking at an individual project, and you now have a "project" scope for your query operation.

#2 Updated by Paul Macdonnell over 12 years ago

If that's the way they're supposed to work, that's ok, I just would have thought it would have kept a global scope to include all issues rather than switch to a project scope. That's just how I envisioned it working.
I would have liked to have been able to click on my custom query again (when viewing an issue) and go back to the global list, that way I can keep working with the same set of issues, without have to get out of the project scope. Is there an easier to switch from project scope to global scope, other than going back through "My page" -> "View all issues" (in "Issues assigned to me") -> click my custom query?

It just seems counter-intuitive to me.

#3 Updated by Milton Taylor about 12 years ago

I agree with Paul...this aspect probably needs a litle more fleshing out in Redmine.

#4 Updated by Mischa The Evil over 10 years ago

Added issue relation to #1495.

#5 Updated by Brian Heasley over 9 years ago

I agree that this is an odd counter-intuitive behavior. I'd love to see an option to allow a custom query to be global in scope anywhere it appears. It is convenient to have the report appear when I am looking at a project, but I still want to it to be global in scope anytime it runs.

#6 Updated by Sebastian M about 9 years ago

Just a +1... I like the idea of the current "for all projects" functionality, but it is confusing for people who open a query that is designed to be run at a global scope, and it's not showing all records.

Some better visual indication including a link to pull out to global scope would be good.

#7 Updated by Bryan Greenaway over 8 years ago

My company was running a very old redmine version 0.9.1 where no matter what issue/project you were viewing when you click a custom query it would run it globally. I still have all the source code backed up but I can't find where in the code this is happening, as I am very new to Ruby. Could someone let me know where the code that build the custom query URL is located so I can compare it with the legacy source code I have? If I find a solution I would be happy to update the community with it.

#8 Updated by Fernando Hartmann over 8 years ago

+1 this is must be feature !
The path "My page" -> "View all issues" -> "Global Query" is too long !

#9 Updated by Jerek Dain almost 8 years ago

I too would love a way to make a custom query that is cross-project. I spend a lot of time focusing on particular projects at a time, but sometimes need to look at cross-project queries and right now it is very awkward to have to leave the project to do so.

#10 Updated by Filou Centrinov over 7 years ago

Related to: #11940, #7935, #1811

Related also to #5522, because this solution may satisfiy everyone. In addition to that I like also the suggestion #11940 to introduce this functionality.

Concluding the problem:
  1. By clicking a ticket from the global issue view it changes the focus unnoticeable (#1811)
  2. To get back into the global issue view the click path is quite long and circuitous (#11940, #7935)
    • "My page" -> "View all issues"
    • "Projects" -> "View all issues"

With #5522 we have had quite direct way to view all issues from all projects.

#11 Updated by Kevin Palm about 6 years ago

scope of custom queries should be configurable: All issues/current project

#12 Updated by Go MAEDA over 5 years ago

  • Related to Feature #14006: A shortcut to view all issues of all projects added

#13 Updated by Sebastian Paluch almost 5 years ago


In general scope changing is very confusing for users. They open a query at parent project what shows their issues in all subprojects, opens an issue from subproject (sometimes not even knowing), then they click Issues tab (again not knowing that this is Issues tab from different project they have started from) are surprised seeing different list...

I think the "For all projects" option should be at least renamed to "Visible for all projects" as this is all what it does. Currently, it does suggest that it does a search through all projects. This should be easy.

I would like also to see an option like "search scope" (current project/this project/global) so that where ever the "Visible for all projects" query is open from, it always jumps to the scope it was created for.

#14 Updated by Vladimir Perepechenko over 3 years ago

Very confusing. Cannot explain for users.

agree with Sebastian Paluch offer:

I would like also to see an option like "search scope" (current project/this project/global) so that where ever the "Visible for all projects" query is open from, it always jumps to the scope it was created for.

maybe would be better for search scope:
current project/my projects (projects I'm related )/All progects

or just for simplicity:

current project/All projects

#15 Updated by Jenda Benda over 2 years ago


first of all - THANKS a lot for all the work and great product which redmine is!

We would like to really ask you for similar function as discussed above as well...

Even it make sense from some point of view, it's confusing and even for me(who understand current behaviour).
I quite often click on custom quiery in all issues AND all projects context - than I choose an issue I want to see/update > project context is changed...
I use custom query again then and will got list of project issues only...after some time of thinking why I see fewer issues I usually realise: OH I have to go back to all issues of all projects(long way or stupid browser bookmark) and used the custom query then...
( This sucks...

I would propose to add checkbox/functionality to use custom queries for ALL issues of ALL project - and ignoring project context. This could be optional functionality only.

Could you please help us with this?

Thanks a lot
Kind regards

#16 Updated by Alexander Ryabinovskiy almost 2 years ago

Do we have any official position on this issue?
We need this feature too.

#17 Updated by Nathan Dattler 9 months ago

This is 10 years old and it's still not inherently in Redmine. I love Redmine overall, but little things like this irritate me.

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