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17:36 Redmine Feature #6846: Add VIM-like keyboard shortcuts
is not related to #449? Paolo Sulprizio
17:34 Redmine Feature #449 (Reopened): Keyboard shortcuts
It would be useful to write in the "title" attribute of every "a" tag with an accesskey a description of the keyboard... Paolo Sulprizio
16:03 Redmine Feature #6332: "OR" filter and not only "AND" filter
Frank Helk wrote:
> On the other hand it would be nice if I could set more than one filter on a text field - i.e. [S...
Paolo Sulprizio
15:55 Redmine Feature #6963 (New): Users/Projects list in Role management page
It would be interesting a way to list (and manage, if possible) the pairs Users/Projects in the Role management page ... Paolo Sulprizio
14:56 Redmine Feature #6954: Filter from date to date
It could be resolved by #1140 Paolo Sulprizio


13:09 Redmine Plugins: RE: Attach-screenshot plugins are broken with RM 1.0
I have a problem with RM 1.0.1 too. I can't attach more than one file because the link "Add another file" is 'broken'... Paolo Sulprizio


19:49 Redmine Feature #1019: Role based custom queries
Now that are implemented groups of users, it could be a per group custom query, if is judged to be more correct or us... Paolo Sulprizio
14:14 Redmine Help: RE: Installation Issues on Dreamhost
Probably can be useful:
Paolo Sulprizio


16:20 Redmine Feature #1193: Staff-only notes with Role-base access control
It would be also useful to define the default setting (private, public) on per-project basis. It could permit to ...
Paolo Sulprizio


15:54 Redmine Feature #1448: Add tags to issues
Tags could substitute category. It's very web 2.0! ;)
Paolo Sulprizio

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