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00:53 Redmine Plugins: RE: Plugin Custom Redmine_Custom_Workflows (Email, Watchers list), Custom email notification
I am looking to do the same thing. I have three custom fields that have users in them. I would like to automaticall... Philip Lapczynski
00:33 Redmine Plugins: Custom Workflows Plugin - Adding a notification when custom workflow is triggered
I have a couple custom workflows plugins set up. They work well, but I would like to notify the user when the plugin... Philip Lapczynski
00:11 Redmine Help: RE: Is there a way to configure the issue fields become visible based on other filed value
This might be achievable with the customer workflows plugin plus the workflow hidden fields plugin.
Philip Lapczynski


17:13 Redmine Defect #14303: Can't add members into project
I'm running the bitnami 2.3.1 package without issue(as I'm sure many others are.) Have you set up roles for your use... Philip Lapczynski


22:52 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine Charts2 plugin error - No route matches [GET] "/plugin_assets/open_flash_chart/javascripts/swfobject.js" - Solved
I figured it out. When I copied the assets the directory open_flash_chart was misspelled. Philip Lapczynski
18:14 Redmine Plugins: Redmine Charts2 plugin error - No route matches [GET] "/plugin_assets/open_flash_chart/javascripts/swfobject.js" - Solved
When I try to run the "charts 2 plugin":, I am getting routing error op... Philip Lapczynski


22:28 Redmine Feature #8771: Achievements
I second this. It would be a good plugin to simply motivate people to use the tool and follow the correct process. Philip Lapczynski


19:58 Redmine Defect #13632: Empty page attached when exporting PDF
I can confirm that this happens to me as well. Currently running 1.4.3.stable, but it is the same with all of the in... Philip Lapczynski


22:26 Redmine Feature #8417: per tracker configurable issue form layout with preview
This would be fantastic. As a user with a lot of custom fields, this is really something that would take this to the... Philip Lapczynski


09:38 Redmine Help: How can I get issue reporting for released versions?
We need the ability to do issue reporting for defects in released versions of our software. The closest thing I coul... Philip Lapczynski

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