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15:23 Redmine Feature #26734: Issue Templates Plugin by Akiko Takano
Thank you so much for guiding and closing this issue, Toshi.
Hi, David. I'm author of this plugin.
Please do no...


14:18 Redmine Plugins: Redmine Issue Favicon Plugin
Hi, all.
I’ve just released Redmine Issue Favicon Plugin v0.0.2, support Redmine3.4.
And its repository was moved...


06:48 Redmine Defect #26636: Rails 5: "Page not found" error when accessing a page of a plugin in production mode
Hi, I'm triyng to port my plugins, from Redmine 3.4 to Redmine trunk (ver4.0, based on Rails5).
I managed to port my...


05:18 Redmine Plugins: Issue Template Plugin 0.1.8 Released.
I’ve just updated into v0.1.8.
From 0.1.6 to 0.1.8, implemented some features and fixed bugs, so if you use Redmine3...


02:26 Redmine Defect #20513: Unloadable plugin convention breaks with Rails 4.2.3
I saw the same situation after Redmine3.x.
This may be wrong, but I personally think, at least the plugin whic...


13:04 Redmine Plugins: RE: Issue Template plugin
Thanks for feedback!
And could you explain that to me in a little more detail?
Alexander Babintsev wrote:
> ...


06:15 Redmine Feature #442: Add a description for trackers
Marius, thanks for pointing out to my patch, #5201.
> it shows the description for trackers as a new column in tra...


02:58 Redmine Patch #25775: Show assignee's icon in addition to author's icon
Marius, thanks for your comment.
> The same assertions can be made as well in a functional test.
Sorry, since I ...


01:33 Redmine Patch #5201: Description field for Tracker setting
Sorry, re-attached for test.
01:32 Redmine Patch #5201: Description field for Tracker setting
Updated patch.

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