Pavel Yeloyev

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20:11 Redmine Open discussion: RE: tasks we do monthly (or weekly) - generate "progress chart"
I implemented something custom. Looks like this (see attachments).
Basically it's run by this github project: http...


15:49 Redmine Open discussion: tasks we do monthly (or weekly) - generate "progress chart"
Some issues recur and we have to do them monthly (or weekly, or biweekly, etc...). Is there some way to generate a ch...


18:29 Redmine Help: RE: start date after due date?
In issues.


18:25 Redmine Help: start date after due date?
Is it possible to allow the start date to be after the due date? We keep track of issues and in some cases the issues...


20:08 Redmine Help: help backing up database - installed from Turnkey Linux v16.1
I installed Redmine using Turnkey Linux Redmine v16.1. It seems to be working fine, but in case the server hard drive...

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