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17:23 Redmine Help: Adding next/previous links in the revision differences view
The view that displays the file differences of a revision in the _repository_ module (@/projects/foo/repository/revis... George Notaras
17:20 Redmine Help: Content type of robots.txt
When robots.txt is requested, it is returned with the content type @text/html@ instead of @text/plain@. Is this the c... George Notaras


15:31 Redmine Feature #2585: Add Modules to hide/display Overview, Activity, Roadmap
I needed to minimize the amount of public web pages generated by Redmine so as to reduce the load on the server when ... George Notaras


20:04 Redmine Help: RE: How to combine CSS and JS files?
After much effort, I made some changes to the source code of the bundle-fu plugin (mainly changed the output paths an... George Notaras
19:04 Redmine Help: How to combine CSS and JS files?
Hi all,
I'm looking for a way to concatenate (combine) all CSS and JS files, but unfortunately there seems to be n...
George Notaras


17:16 Redmine Plugins: RE: Need help with creating a plugin that adds extra cookie to authenticated users
Alternatively, adding a custom HTTP header in the response for authenticated users would also do the job nicely. Any ... George Notaras
07:20 Redmine Plugins: Need help with creating a plugin that adds extra cookie to authenticated users
Hello everybody!
First of all, I should clarify that I'm totally clueless about Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails.
I tried...
George Notaras


09:05 Redmine Open discussion: Making Redmine friendly to page caches like Varnish
Hi all,
With this post I'm trying to start a discussion about what code modifications and server configurations wo...
George Notaras


15:17 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Concerns regarding email notifications
Adding to my previous post. I found "this page": on Google Groups hel... George Notaras
15:07 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine not starting after reboot
Hello Andrejs,
Maybe you could try exporting the @GEM_HOME@ and @GEM_PATH@ environment variables in the launcher s...
George Notaras

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