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07:06 Redmine Help: script run then this error plz attechment file show
hi robert
i have used turnkey redmine then i run script then error occus plz find attechment file
this file is e...
Paresh Patel
07:04 Redmine Help: RE: How to backup redmine?
Michael Aye wrote:
> Could somebody maybe close the loop on this and use the files created by the back-up script for...
Paresh Patel


08:26 Redmine Defect #14441: email notification problem
delivery_method: :sendmail
enable_starttls_auto: true
address: "
Paresh Patel
08:17 Redmine Help: RE: How to backup redmine?
hi robert
have script run but not backup automatically generate plz step send...
i have used turnkey redmine st...
Paresh Patel


12:56 Redmine Help: how to run backup script in tunkey redmine please send steps
Robert Klajko wrote:
> Hi,
> I wrote a short backup script for TurnKey Redmine Appliance (Debian Squeezy 6.0.5)...
Paresh Patel


06:33 Redmine Help: Repository Createation issue
hello guys,
i have setup tortoise svn client my pc but not this using respository create in my local turnkey redmi...
Paresh Patel


15:16 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Sending Email Notification with TLS does not work if ....
latest redmine install and bundle update your problem is solve Paresh Patel
15:14 Redmine Open discussion: RE: redmine2.3 stable send email error
this below setting configure your configuration.yml file
then restart your redmine working email is started.....
Paresh Patel


10:53 Redmine Feature #14255: incoming e-mail truncation before processing issue atributes
Sergejs Degtjars wrote:
> I have noticed some misbehavior when receiving replays on issue notifications. Each notifi...
Paresh Patel
10:47 Redmine Defect #14303: Can't add members into project
Tony Dong wrote:
> I downloaded the Bitnami package for Redmine 2.3.1, it looks like everything is perfect. But I fo...
Paresh Patel

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