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17:59 Redmine Help: RE: Revision history not displayed in issues
Removed the repository and added it back. Now it works. Dmitry Beloglazov
17:36 Redmine Help: RE: Revision history not displayed in issues
Also, I should probably add that in "Repository" overview I can see that there were some relatively recent changes. B... Dmitry Beloglazov
17:34 Redmine Help: [SOLVED] Revision history not displayed in issues
In the past I configured Redmine to show the revision history on issue pages. The team uses "refs" keyword in the com... Dmitry Beloglazov


11:09 Redmine Feature #29034: Option to collapse/expand issue sections
+1 for this feature, would be really nice to have.
> I think we actually save space when we can collapse some sect...
Dmitry Beloglazov


16:11 Redmine Feature #33153: UI feature to quickly change issue status
This feature would be really helpful!
Is there a working patch / plugin for Redmine 5?
Seems that the patch by Mizuki...
Dmitry Beloglazov


07:47 Redmine Feature #13919: Mention user on issues and wiki pages using @user with autocomplete
+1 for this one. Would be really nice to have. Dmitry Beloglazov


11:50 Redmine Patch #233: Per project themes patch
Would be really nice to have.
Dmitry Beloglazov
11:50 Redmine Feature #2778: Project's theme configuration
This would be helpful. Much better than manually modifying CSS, creating classes for each project.
Dmitry Beloglazov


07:18 Redmine Defect #15777 (Closed): Watched issues count on "My page" is shown for all issues instead of only open ones
On "My page" I have a "Watched issues" widget.
It shows the issues count in parentheses, and currently it shows 13 t...
Dmitry Beloglazov


05:12 Redmine Patch #12524: Update issue - form position
+1 here. It would be great to have the position of the update form configurable (top/bottom) or correspond to the ord... Dmitry Beloglazov

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