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Per project themes patch

Added by Wynn Netherland almost 17 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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I was so excited to see JP had included the ability to theme the app easily. I really wanted to be able to theme projects
independently for customer-facing projects. Here is a patch to do so.


075_add_project_ui_theme.rb (181 Bytes) 075_add_project_ui_theme.rb Wynn Netherland, 2008-02-03 11:01
per_project_themes.diff (1.46 KB) per_project_themes.diff Wynn Netherland, 2008-02-03 11:01

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Actions #1

Updated by Derek Montgomery over 16 years ago

Could that be included in trunk?

Actions #2

Updated by Derek Montgomery almost 16 years ago

Can we have this in trunk?

It would permit an redmine admin to let project leaders to have a custom look for their own space...

Actions #3

Updated by David Bronke over 15 years ago

I'd like to see this updated for the latest Redmine, and I may tackle that myself if I have the time. I also think that support for changing the favicon on a per-project basis would be very useful, especially for public-facing Redmine installs, such as my company's. (

Actions #4

Updated by S C over 15 years ago

I totally agree. For an industrial usage it would be really great.
Looking at the patch, it seems to be easy to add in the trunk...

Actions #5

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 15 years ago

I'd prefer not to add an extra column to the projects table for each settting that could be overridden at project level.
I think a refactoring of the Setting model that would allow storing project specific settings would be a much better solution.

Actions #6

Updated by Eric Davis over 15 years ago

Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:

I think a refactoring of the Setting model that would allow storing project specific settings would be a much better solution.

+1, that could open up a lot of additional customization also (e.g. Show subproject issues for Project A, B, and C but not for Project D)

Actions #7

Updated by Christian Winther almost 15 years ago

any news on this issue? :)

Actions #8

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 13 years ago

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Actions #9

Updated by Glenn Gould about 13 years ago

Any chance to get this included in current Redmine?

It was working fine with 0.9.2, but meanwhile there has been some refactoring of themes.rb and I don't know how to achieve the functionality of choosing a custom theme per project in project settings again which is quiet a pity...

Actions #10

Updated by Markus Pins over 11 years ago

+1 ;-)

Actions #11

Updated by Dmitry Beloglazov over 10 years ago

Would be really nice to have.

Actions #12

Updated by L 5 about 8 years ago

I also would like to have this possibility.

I have helped myself by cloning the theme folder and using some rewrite rules in the apache2 server:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^project1\.mydomain\.com [NC]
RewriteRule ^r/themes/main_theme_name(.*)$ /r/themes/project1$1 [PT]

It works very well - just the email notifications unfortunately all come from the same originating domain and email address... :(


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