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17:45 Redmine Feature #1214: REST API for Issues
I am looking forward to seeing this happen. For areas I am interested in using it, I would want JSON data (for exampl...


06:01 Redmine Feature #1543: Setting permissions for viewing the Activity page.
Ok, so now the question I have is: how do I prevent access to the
# Overview
# Roadmap
# Issues
01:13 Redmine Feature #1543: Setting permissions for viewing the Activity page.
Another ping for this feature in the core.
Mark, I did your quick update and I was able to disable Activity views ...
01:06 Redmine Feature #849: Roles and Permissions
Another request for this; we need to allow people outside our company access to the wiki area of a single project, wi...


19:47 Redmine Defect #2602 (Closed): <pre> tags create links instead of displaying text
My understanding is that the _pre_ tags should not parse any markup tags, but given a wiki page reference in a _pre_...
19:43 Redmine Defect #2601 (Closed): TOC does not parse wiki page reference links with description
The TOC parse will correctly take this entry and create a TOC line:...


04:18 Redmine Feature #2427 (Closed): Document horizontal rule syntax
In searching for how to do a horizontal rule on a wiki page, I found several references that stated <hr /> should wor...


19:38 Redmine Feature #2048: Code Review Module
+1 - this would be a very good feature for those of us using Redmine for project planning/management vs simple bug tr...


20:11 Redmine Defect #1947 (Closed): Parsing of issue #s in commit messages fails if number followed by a comma...
We have found that if an issue number is followed by a comma or any other punctuation then the parsing of that as an ...


23:19 Redmine Feature #1806: Gantt Editing
Another +1 for this feature; being able to do this would make Redmine much easier to use for planning project schedu...

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