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Basic Polls


Adds basic polls management to Redmine (the Polls tab at the project level). Create and edit polls and poll choices. Insert the resulting polls and poll results as Wiki macros:

  • {{poll(id)}} - show poll;
  • *@{{poll_result(i...

By Victor Dulepov



Bestest Punch Clock for Redmine

Bestest Punch Clock for Redmine

This is a really simple timer/punch clock plugin for Redmine, inspired by the Firefox Add-on Redmine Timer.

It adds a single button to Redmine that starts logging time to the current issue or project. Click i...

By Martin Blom


Better Gantt Chart


The plugin imroves functionality of Redmine Gantt Chart.
  • NEW: smart sorting of issues on the chart. Now issues are sorted just like you’d expect them to.
  • NEW: rescheduling takes into account weekends, if this setting is enable...

By Alexey Kuleshov



This plugin allows to start and join web meetings using a BigBlueButton server ( server)

By Arnaud Martel


Bitbucket Hook

Update your local Git repositories in Redmine when changes have been pushed to BitBucket.

By milkfarm productions



Bitbucket references

Reference Redmine issues in Bitbucket.

This is both a Redmine plugin...

By Seppe Stas


Blocks layout


Controls presence of boxes on Home and Project Overview.

Uses additional boxes provided by Basic Polls and Latest Forum Messages plugins; adds them to the list of available bloc...

By Victor Dulepov


Boards/Wiki/Issues watchers management

Redmine boards/wiki/issues watchers management and sticky groups plugin

Priority for sticky messages

Plugin adds ability to select priority level for sticky messages. Messages sorted by level first and modification time second
Please do ...

By Vitaly Klimov



Book Meeting Room

The plug-in lets you book and thence display meeting rooms on a calendar interface.

  • Offers calendar view (Day/Week)
  • Allows to click and type on the calendar to book and update meeting rooms.
  • Allows to book meeting rooms for one ...

By QBurst Technologies



Bookmarks on My Page

Redmine Bookmark block plugin for My Page



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