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Bitbucket references

Reference Redmine issues in Bitbucket.

This is both a Redmine plugin...

By Seppe Stas


Blocks layout


Controls presence of boxes on Home and Project Overview.

Uses additional boxes provided by Basic Polls and Latest Forum Messages plugins; adds them to the list of available bloc...

By Victor Dulepov


Boards/Wiki/Issues watchers management

Redmine boards/wiki/issues watchers management and sticky groups plugin

Priority for sticky messages

Plugin adds ability to select priority level for sticky messages. Messages sorted by level first and modification time second
Please do ...

By Vitaly Klimov



Book Meeting Room

The plug-in lets you book and thence display meeting rooms on a calendar interface.

  • Offers calendar view (Day/Week)
  • Allows to click and type on the calendar to book and update meeting rooms.
  • Allows to book meeting rooms for one ...

By QBurst Technologies



Bookmarks on My Page

Redmine Bookmark block plugin for My Page



Boolean query

Currently the default redmine filter does not allow to use OR between filters (all the conditions are joined by AND). Also, it seems that there is no way to search in text field (for example subject field) something like: word1 OR word2 OR word3


By Quan VN



Bootstrap 4

Change interface with Bootstrap 4

By Rubisel Prieto Dupeyrón


Bots Filter

Bots Filter prevents common bots from crawling various urls. This plugin is usefull for Redmine instances that can be anonymously accessed from the internet to reduce search engine bots trafic.

By Jean-Philippe Lang


BR Macro

This macro generates <br />.




BugHerd for Redmine

This plugin enables a full 2-way integration with BugHerd, the world's simplest bug tracker for websites.

By Vincent Brendel


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