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Author notification emails

This plugin change default behaviour of emails notifications.

The main features are:
  • Change From email header to current log in user email address
  • Add Sender email header to
  • Add Reply-to email header to

By Dariusz Kowalski



Auto assigned user

If an user forget to assign the issue, this plugin will auto-assign to the project manager.

By Ludovic Gasc


Auto Identifier

Automatically fills in the project identifier field with the safe project name.
Will use the parent project as a prefix if it exists.

Note (Nov. 2013)

This plugin was originally developed by Wade Womersley...

By Wade Womersley



Auto lock user

Locks specified users on a selected date.

By Systango Ltd



Auto Watchers From Groups

Add functionality to automatic add all members of group when issue(s) assigned to this group

Groups affected this automatic watching should be specified on plugin settings page

By Alexander Kuznecov




Automatically sets a wiki page's parent page based on its name.

For example:
  • HowTo>ManageYourTeam will be a child page of HowTo
  • HowTo>ManageYourTeam>TheHardWay will be a child page of HowTo>ManageYourTeam
  • You don't have...

By Shinya Maeyama


Automatic Watchers by Category

This plugin allows you to automatically add watchers by category when an issue is created.
A tab on the project menu will be available to configure the watchers


Clone or download the project to plugin folder (Be sure the folde...

By Luís Fontes


Avoid duplicated name in projects list

This plugin modify the index page of projects to show ancestors' name (as text, no link) of visible projects, even when ancestors are not visible.

This allows to distinguish between child projects with same name but different roots without compromis...

By Bishma Stornelli Ortega



A Redmine plugin for agile teams

By Fri Flaj




Plugin to show site-wide message from site administrator, such as maintenacne informations or notifications.
And selected style is applied to the message.

Version 0.0.5 later, project managers can also set project scope banner.

From version 0....

By Akiko Takano


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