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Attach Screenshot


This plugin allows attaching several screenshots from clipboard directly to a Redmine issue.


By Victor Dulepov


Attachable Items

Attach customizable items to issues.

By Emre Can Kucukoglu


Attachment Name Validator

This plugin validate attachment filename with regular expression.

By Aroan Kanor



Author box

This plugin allows to add box(es) with project members of a particular role to the side bar of project overview and Wiki pages. This box contains member's gravatar, first name and last name (and other data if you have Externded Profile...

By Andriy Lesyuk


Author notification emails

This plugin change default behaviour of emails notifications.

The main features are:
  • Change From email header to current log in user email address
  • Add Sender email header to
  • Add Reply-to email header to

By Dariusz Kowalski



Auto assigned user

If an user forget to assign the issue, this plugin will auto-assign to the project manager.

By Ludovic Gasc


Auto Deputy

This plugin allows to define a deputy per project and timerange.
This allows that tickets are newer assigned to absence peoples.

By Konrad Mattheis


Auto Identifier

Automatically fills in the project identifier field with the safe project name.
Will use the parent project as a prefix if it exists.

Note (Nov. 2013)

This plugin was originally developed by Wade Womersley...

By Wade Womersley



Auto lock user

Locks specified users on a selected date.

By Systango Ltd


Auto Populate Project Fields

This plugin will automatically populate the custom fields list of a new project based on your selected trackers' default fields.

By Emre Akkas


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