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Advertising (Reklama)

It's a very simple contextual advertising plugin for Redmine adding small advertisements to the side bar. Advertisements contain heading and text and may optionally contain image.

By Andriy Lesyuk



Agile Dwarf

Manage your agile dev team in a smart and intuitive way

Watch your project make headway, match progress against estimates, create and assign tasks in one click, know instantly who’s working on what in a clear kanban-like environment. All this and ...

By Michael K.



redmine_agreement plugin adds the user agreement to Redmine

By Igor Olemskoi (Southbridge)



Turns Redmine into an Airbrake compatible server.

Airbrake is a bug or exception tracking platform. There are client libraries for a lot of platforms, and using this plugin you can use the same ...

By Jens Krämer



All Time Team Plugin

This plugin show you your team activity.

  • Today's team activity summary
  • Hard worker ranking
  • Working hours per version

By Dai Fujihara



Allocation is a Redmine plugin to record and keep track of people's allocation to projects.

When adding members to a project it allows you to specify an allocation percent, assignment and unassignment dates. It adds links in the project overview sid...

By Emergya Consultoria


Amazon S3 attachment storage

This Redmine plugin stores file attachments on Amazon S3 instead of the local filesystem.

Note that the plugin is currently in a pre-release state.

By Lucas Jenß



ANKO Gantt chart

ANKO Gantt chart is the plugin to add creating and editing function to normal “Redmine Gantt chart”.

There are no edit function, but only view functions in Redmine Gantt chart, so when you want to create or correct an issue, you should move ...

By anko soft




Site Wide Announcements in Redmine

By Sandeep Kumar



Anonymous Authors

Anonymous Authors plug-in:
  • Allows to the anonymous user to enter his name and e-mail address when adding an issue;
  • Allows to the anonymous user to enter his name and e-mail address when adding a note to the issue;
  • Displays the entered name and...

By Anton Argirov


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