Feature Request: Per Project Permissions

Added by Muntek Singh about 14 years ago


I've been using Redmine for quite some time, and over years Redmine has pretty much changed to fulfil all of my personal requirements except this one: Per-Project permissions. Seems like I'm not the only one: #4550 , #4049 , #2076 , #1086 , #850 , #1853 , #973 , #2905 , and many more issues point to this need.

My proposed solution is to mirror the one used by Simple Machines Forum (SMF) which I will explain below. (I am the administrator of so I will use screenshots from that forum to demonstrate)

SMF allows one to have both very simple settings for permissions and very complex ones at the same time. This is done by having a generally applied "Global" set of permissions, and allowing each board (in the redmine context a project) to have separate, local permissions. I think this model works out great because regular users, and the default redmine setup get easy to define global settings that apply to every project, but those of us who have the needs will be able to set permissions down to a finer granular level much easily.

By default SMF displays only a single view of global permissions and no real complexity.

One has to go to this page and enable it:

Once you do that, you can view permissions by board and choose which to use where:

You can then see that enabling local option in one board gives you the ability to fine-tune the full set of permissions only for that board. Note the helpful bits at the bottom:

I am well aware that implementing the above would probably be a lot of work, and the real reason I'm posting this here is to get some feedback, as well as for:

#redmine/2009-04-25.log:17:20:08+edavis10: Khalsa: interesting.  I could see that working but it would be a bit of dev to hook up.  Could you post that Screenshot to the forums?

(yes, I'm barely finishing up my 2009 to-do list)

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RE: Feature Request: Per Project Permissions - Added by Jason Kende almost 14 years ago

Per project permissions is a huge need for me and I'm sure many others. I'd love to see it implemented in Redmine.

(BTW an admin should delete the spam above. ReCaptcha integration wouldn't hurt.)

RE: Feature Request: Per Project Permissions - Added by Kostas Manios over 9 years ago

+1 from me

Permissions per project, as well as different "default role" for creators of new subprojects would greatly extend the flexibility of Redmine, and would allow us to host multiple projects in a single installation instead of having to create separate Redmine installations for each one.