Project Status "Closed"

Added by Luc WILPUTTE over 12 years ago

Hi all,
does anyone have an idea if RM (or any plugin) propose an additionnal status except Active or Archived ?
The problem is that I have to keep projects active to leave access to users to project documents BUT
I have to prohibit developpers to fill a timesheet concerning projects that are closed...
So it would be usefull th have a "closed" status which keep a read only access to users but prevent any coding in that closed project.

Any idea ?

Tks in advance for your advice


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RE: Project Status "Closed" - Added by Sylvain Guimond about 12 years ago

I'm totally agree! A project should always be available in read only. The project can also be re-opened if necessary.

RE: Project Status "Closed" - Added by Felix Schäfer about 12 years ago

Please file a feature request, I don't think this has been requested before.

RE: Project Status "Closed" - Added by Sylvain Guimond almost 12 years ago

Issues: #5541 and #3640 opened on that feature.

RE: Project Status "Closed" - Added by Eric Voisard almost 12 years ago

Agree, we should be able to close projects.

Aside from the read-only advantage, viewing the project list when there are many past projects would be more comfortable (e.g. show active projects / show closed projects).

It should not be a big deal to implement, or would it?