Effective Time Logging

Added by David B almost 14 years ago

Not sure about everyone else, but I look over a team of web developers and we use redmine to manage our projects and log our time daily on what we have spent. We jump back and forth between things during the day and at the moment, the more effective way we have found to log our daily workload time is to write the start/end date on paper then at the end of the day log it all into redmine.

I was wondering if anyone else has found better ways of logging daily work load on redmine in a quicker/more effective way where there is minimal error and less time to log.

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RE: Effective Time Logging - Added by Mischa The Evil over 10 years ago

Анна Лосева wrote:

hi guys, i dont now, how much it would be useful for you, but we have plugin for time tracking in redmine) if [...]

FWIW: RMClient1 is not a Redmine plugin2. Instead it is an Adobe AIR application which uses the REST API to function as a desktop client (Windows and Mac OS) for counting and logging time spent on issues in Redmine. Because of this I think that this application could/should only be listed on ThirdPartyTools and not in the Redmine plugin directory (see therefor #15066).

1 RMClient seems to be the correct name of the app while RM-timer is the name that is used in the Redmine plugin directory entry.

2 as in a collection of code that: (1) is located under REDMINE_ROOT/plugin, (2) registers itself to Redmine via Redmine::Plugin.register, and (3) is shown on Administration -> Plugins.