Who is who?

Added by Martin Herr about 16 years ago

Who are you and what are you doing/do you want to do for Redmine?

Feel free to add details about your person and your personal itch regarding redmine!

Name: Martin Herr
Job: CTO, yeebase media solutions/t3n magazine
Location: Hanover, Germany
Skills: Rails/Redmine-Plugins, Webservices, PHP5, Design/HTML-Styling, Zend Framework, TYPO3 4.x/5.x, phpDoctrine, Sphinx, ThruDB, S3/EC2,...
Interests: Doing scrum with Redmine, Webservices-API, New Logo, Adobe-Air-based Fat-Client,
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RE: Who is who? - Added by Kit Plummer about 16 years ago


  • Name: Kit Plummer
  • Location: Tucson, AZ (USA)
  • Occupation: Technical Architect (Dumb Title) for Accenture National Security Services
  • Work: Specialized software for Defense and Intelligence
  • Interests: Mountain biking, my kids (and my wife most of the time), pervasive computing devices, robotics
  • Skillz: I am a master of nothing...will try anything...will break everything.


  • My day job is pretty strict...Open Source is a good vent.
  • Trying to get the community-based development practice going inside the company firewalls. Redmine is helping facilitate.
  • GForge, CollabNet/SourceForge suck.
  • I hate Trac.
  • I like Ruby.
  • I want mailing list (tight email integration).
  • Agile planning and management tools suck and are way expensive, Redmine could slip in here.
  • I'm spinning up the mailing list thinking a bit in my dwindling free time. I'm also working on some Jabber administration stuff to - admin notifications to JID/MUC.

RE: Who is who? - Added by James Turnbull about 16 years ago


  • Name: James Turnbull
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Occupation: Author and Security boffin for bank
  • Interests: FOSS, books, wine, food, Ruby
  • Skills: a bit of this and a bit of that...


  • Implemented Redmine for Puppet ( which is a Ruby-based configuration management tool.
  • Not a Trac fan and find it's simply not flexible enough
  • We're a Ruby-based project so that's a nice value-add
  • Only thing outstanding for us is better Git repo management - be great to be able to browse branches

RE: Who is who? - Added by Michael Pirogov about 16 years ago


  • Name: It's written up here ^^^
  • Age: uptime is 28 years
  • Sex: he-male
  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Occupation: SysAdmin/OS Maintainer
  • Interests: FOSS, comp. books, human languages, Python, Ruby, Vim, Gentoo Linux, heavy metal, wife
  • Skills: here's not enough space..
  • Hates: MS, Apple, SCO, small backspace and half-size enter buttons


  • Providing redmine support for my organization
  • Migrated from: Trouble Ticket -> Jira -> Bugzilla -> FlySpray -> eGroupWare -> Bugs-Bug-Gebnie -> Trac -> Redmine :-)
  • Thanks to Redmine I've started learning of ROR to be able to write missing features and plugins.

RE: Who is who? - Added by Eric Davis almost 16 years ago


  • Name: Eric Davis
  • Age: 24
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Beaverton, Oregon, USA
  • Occupation: Owner of Little Stream Software, Ruby on Rails Software developer
  • Interests: Business, Ruby on Rails, Open Source communities, Linux, software development management, books
  • Skills: Lots of stuff. Expertise in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, SQL, and software development best practices.


  • Implemented Redmine for my business around 2006
  • Built and Open Sourced several Redmine Plugins for running a business
  • Would like to improve the Redmine plugin API
  • Would like to help with a RESTful API for Redmine
  • Interested in helping people develop plugins

RE: Who is who? - Added by Mischa The Evil almost 16 years ago


  • Name: Mischa The Evil (alias, don't like to find my real name in google's search-results --> I'm an privacy geek... :-)
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Haarlem, The Netherlands
  • Occupation: Administrator (unrelated to IT-whatsoever)
  • Interests: Music (Gothic & Metal in broad sense), lots of technical stuff like: Unix/Linux, Networking, FOSS, software development, Ruby on Rails, PHP5, etc.
  • Skills: Researching mroe complex things and summarize them easily afterwards, basic structural PHP4, basic SQL, Patching small things by reading, etc...


  • I don't like Python.
  • I don't like Trac.
  • I like PHP.
  • I like Ruby.
  • Thanks to Redmine I've started learning more Ruby (on Rails) and relatives like Gem, Rake, etc.
  • Migrating from: Trac -> Mantis -> 3x Flyspray + WebSVN + DokuWiki + DotProject -> Redmine.
  • Would like to help improve the Redmine community...
  • Would like to help providing simpler patches...
  • Would like to contribute in creating/improving/maintaining Redmine documentation...
  • Would like to help doing issue triaging...