Redmine vs Planio vs Easyredmine

Added by Georg Schorsch almost 7 years ago

Knowing that similar questions have been asked before, I would like to take into account current releases as of late 2015.

All three tools manage issues in quite a similar, very good way, however, when it comes to additional (plug-in) functionality such as
Agile Task Planning, Ressource Management and Dashboards/Visualization, I wonder which tool would have its ups & downs?

To manage my R&D-team, ressource planning/project management of tasks is of utter importance to me. At first sight, EasyRedmine 2015 promises the functionality necessary, such as Gantt Plugin Pro where you can actually shift the tasks by drag-and-drop ( Also, EasyRedmine offers a ressource planning tool that looks reasonable and visually aided: Anybody has experience here with using these plugins, are they well-maintained? With regard to future developments and support (we need a long-term solution), would Easyredmine be the way to go for? It is closed source as far as I understand, will there be troubles if, at a later stage, we would like to migrate to e.g. Redmine?

Anyhow, I have also installed Planio for test purpuses (currently based on Redmine 2.6) and have used Redmine Server Installation in the past (with the need to have a sys-admin available whenever there were problems or some new features to be installed). Using open-Source Redmine 3.1.x looks good at first sight, I wonder though how well Plugins will be maintained in the future or will get obsolete etc. Has anybody had contact with the developers and if they are willing to e.g. individually adapt Plugins to our need?

Planio looks neat, but offers Redmine-Plugins in the rather expensive Enterprise solution only, and even then they seem to charge you for plugin adaptation. Also, there doesn't seem to be a server-based solution for Planio (yet).

Please advice which would be the most convenient solution for a small business, on condition that Agile Task and Ressource Management are supported and run stable. Perhaps, we should look at a complete different solution? (such as Jira?).

Thanks in advance


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RE: Redmine vs Planio vs Easyredmine - Added by Jan from Planio almost 7 years ago

Hi Georg,

We have an entire page comparing Planio and Redmine.

A few thoughts regarding Planio:

Planio is deliberately based on Redmine 2.6 at the moment. We’re generally a bit more conservative when it comes to updates, because we thoroughly test every release in real life conditions and perform comprehensive security checks. We have followed this process since Redmine’s early days (Planio started with Redmine 0.8 back in 2009) and have been following Redmine updates securely and steadily ever since. The upgrade to 3.x is planned but we don’t have a firm date yet. Feature-wise, Redmine 3.x does not have a lot more to offer than 2.6 yet. A lot of the work that went into Redmine 3.x was upgrading the underlying Rails version, and adding new features has only begun recently. When it comes to security updates though, we regularly backport and deploy these immediately, often within a few hours. As members of the Redmine security team, we’ve actually reported and contributed a lot of Redmine’s security patches ourselves.

All Planio plans (even the free Bronze plan) come with a number of valuable plugins pre-installed. For instance, we have licensed the Pro version of the popular Redmine Agile plugin and offer it for free on all Planio accounts. Planio also includes the Pro version of the popular Checklist plugin for free, as well as fully integrated Git & SVN hosting. Additional plugins for CRM & Helpdesk as well as for Team Chat are available in all plans at a small extra charge.

We also offer to install custom Redmine plugins on our Enterprise plan but we’re a bit selective here – which we believe is in our customer’s best interest. Before a plugin makes it into your hosted Redmine at Planio, it has to undergo thorough security and stability checks. All our engineers are active Redmine contributors, so they take this very seriously – which means that you can consider yourself in "good hands" even when using third party plugins. Depending on the code quality of a plugin and the maintenance effort anticipated, we may charge for installation and maintenance of a plugin. This, however, will give you the certainty that the plugin remains up to date and secure, even in the (not so uncommon) case that the original plugin developer decides to abandon the plugin.

Finally, we offer a free data import from other tools, and you can export your data at any time, should you want to go down the self-hosted route.

You can always check out our reviews over at

Best regards,

CEO at Planio

RE: Redmine vs Planio vs Easyredmine - Added by Petr Pospisil over 6 years ago

Hello George,

just to correct you,

Easy Redmine is Open Source - purchasing the solution you get Source Code and you can modify and do all you need.

Easy Redmine is literally doubled Redmine (

The main point is that all the extensions work together:

Sincerely, Ondrej from Easy Redmine