Security Threat : Alien Technology in RedMine

Added by Paul Rivier over 16 years ago

During some preliminary testing of a fresh RedMine install, I came across some evidence of Alien Technology in RedMine. Indeed, everything just work, is intuitive and pleasant to use, each step literally guessing what I want to do in the next step. This is really frightening, Terran Technology really lags behind, WE need to do something about that ! I first tried to convince myself that it was some huge governmental project, with tons of people involved in it and thousand of $. Then I came across some page showing most of the work was done by one person. So we now need some light on that : Jean Philippe, are you just a login shared by a governmental team of "special force" developers, or are you simply an alien ?

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RE: Security Threat : Alien Technology in RedMine - Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 16 years ago

Neither a shared login nor an alien :-)
Thanks for your feedback Paul.