Easier than Trac... Indeed!

Added by sedria asuur about 15 years ago

I have been working on this install for the last 3 days... Install this, configure that, <BOOM!> start a new server, repeat.
I find Redmine every bit as complicated, bloated, and heavy as Trac.
Redmine has the look, and features by default that Trac does not but the application is still APITA just like Trac. I finally did get Trac up and running... Don't touch it!

Thanks for reading.

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RE: Easier than Trac... Indeed! - Added by Shish Moom about 15 years ago

Install what? configure what? What goes "BOOM!"? why start a new server? Just ranting helps nobody :P

I'd actually say the opposite -- after several attempts to get trac working I eventually got it to run at all, and after months of tweaking it still wasn't perfect. Today I try redmine; it installs in a few minutes, all the contents of my trac install imported in another couple of minutes, and all the features I spent months failing to set up in trac are working by default \o/ (multiple projects, ldap auth, email to ticket); it's also been running for a few hours with no memory leak related crashes :P

Trolling is easier than everything - Added by Szymon Połom about 15 years ago

I didn't try Trac yet, as it lacks mulit-project support which is mandatory for me, so I can't comment on it.

Yesterday I've installed Redmine, it took me less than 30 minutes to do it and everything worked like documented (on Linux with MySQL/nginx/Phusion Passenger/Mercurial).

RE: Easier than Trac... Indeed! - Added by Barbara Post almost 15 years ago

Some tries and failures/successes for me :

- got Trac almost running then found out that mod_python didn't work with Python 2.6 under Windows (Windows sucks), so erased and started again with Python 2.5. Hard part was deciding between mod_wsgi and mod_python and make it work.
- had to install plugins to get some functionalities
- had some work to understand SVN httpd vs svnserve mode and then successfully use SVN users as Trac users
- am bugged only by the "apache auth - won't logout" known issue, and the lack of Gantt things
- coupling Trac with TestLink almost works (soon to be resolved bug I think)

- struggled with down RubyForge website (gems to be updated, manual install after a lot of search for a mirror)
- struggled with MySQL 5.0 that wouldn't configure itself (Windows Vista sucks)
- struggled with PostgreSQL for which rake wouldn't find the and run it
- got it running in a few seconds when using sqlite (hu, same db as Trac uses)

So for now I'm far from being discouraged and am going to test it further, and also play with Trac data import. Last point to solve : setup servers cluster for an Apache front-end, but I'll see that later.

PS : Szymon, you indeed have to setup one Trac env per project, do you feel it so bad ? Do you have inter-project bugs ?

RE: Easier than Trac... Indeed! - Added by Szymon Połom almost 15 years ago

Barbara, not available multi-project support is a criterion for exclusion for me. I usually don't want to setup something multiple times to use the same functionality for different data and I use subprojects in Redmine.

RE: Easier than Trac... Indeed! - Added by Ktool P almost 15 years ago

I dont know what the original poster is doing. Redmine is my first ever ruby/ror application and I was able to install it under 20 mins following simple instructions using passenger on Dreamhost. Getting used to the system took only few hrs. So I totally disagree with the original poster.

So also, letting others know what actually went wrong and what pre-requisites you satisfied would actually help everyone - you if you get an easy solution for the error with someone's response, the redmine team if they really can improve upon something thats actually not working, and future readers of this thread.

RE: Easier than Trac... Indeed! - Added by Ammler _ almost 15 years ago

Redmine is way faster (installation and using)

Trac has better source viewer, history per file and such....