redmine migration/upgrading

Added by jq Wang over 13 years ago

Hi there,

Currently my team are using redmine 0.7.1 deployed on a linux box(A). now i want to migrate the redmine to a new linux server(B) and upgrade it to the more advanced version,e.g, 0.8.7.

I want to following the Upgrading an existing installation . i.e, just simplly

  1. install new redmine in server B
  2. copy data (files and db) from the old redmine in server A to the new one in server B

My question is, what should I pay special attention to in this migration work ?
According to the Upgrading guide ,seemed I cannot install rails/ruby in the debian server B by simply "apt-get install rails", because i found that way the debian lenny install rails 2.2.3, which is not match with redmine v0.8.x(need rails2.1.2) . am i correct ?

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RE: redmine migration/upgrading - Added by Felix Schäfer over 13 years ago

The upgrade path sounds good to me, but be sure to have backups.

Regarding rails on debian, I preferred letting apt completely out of my gem (something like ruby modules) management equation on ubuntu because apt most of the time apt just plain sucks at repackaging already existing package schemes. I think the best you can do on debian would be to install ruby from apt (don't settle for anything less than 1.8.7), and install rubygems from source, and use gem to install anything else. (ymmv though, I'm more of a gentoo than ubuntu/debian guy, maybe it'd be worth it getting a second opinion from google on installing recent rails+stuff on debian)