Find out version?

Added by Devon Fritz about 8 years ago


I was running Redmine until my server died. Luckily I have a database backup and also the files directory. However, I don't know where I can find which version of redmine I ran, as I don't have the server files. Can I find this somewhere in the database?


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RE: Find out version? - Added by Martin Denizet ( team member) about 8 years ago

Hi Devon,
In case you didn't find a solution yet, I've one for you:
On your MySQL, run:

SELECT CONVERT(version,UNSIGNED INTEGER) as last_migration FROM redmine.schema_migrations WHERE version NOT LIKE '%-%' ORDER BY last_migration DESC;

The number you get is the code of the last migration file applied to your database (in my case '20140228130325').
Now that you have that number, look it up on this page:
In my case the file is source:trunk/db/migrate/20140228130325_change_changesets_comments_limit.rb and it was committed at r12944.
Now got to and look for the first version that has a number superior to the migration file commit revision.
In my case it's version 2.5.0 at r12954.

Will be correct if you were using a stable release.