How to display a HTTP page of my choice

Added by Leszek Koltunski over 6 years ago

Hello Redmine gurus,

in my project, in its 'Menu' (i.e. the list of links that contain 'Overview', 'Roadmap' , 'Issues' and the like) I'd like to add a new link which, when clicked, would display a HTTP page of my choice.

The page I want to display is hosted on the same machine like the Redmine instance. It is periodically updated by an automated, external system so I cannot simply type it to Redmine's 'Overview'.

I guess it would look nicer if the page would be integrated into Redmine, i.e. only displayed in the sub-rectangle directly below the Menu (while keeping the Menu and the sidebar visible) but this is not an absolute must - if this is not possible, maybe clicking the link could take me to a completely new HTTP page, from where I would have to press 'Back' to get back to my Redmine.

How can I do that?

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RE: How to display a HTTP page of my choice - Added by Martin Denizet ( team member) over 6 years ago


If I were you, i would:
1. Install a plugin to inject JS such as (Full disclosure, I wrote this plugin)
2. Inject JS such as:

$( "#main-menu ul" ).append( '<li><a href="/my_custom_page" class="overview">My link</a></li>' );

You can insert the link after a specific link doing:

$( '<li><a href="/my_custom_page" class="overview">My link</a></li>' ).insertAfter($( "#main-menu" ).parent())

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