Spent time - Redmine 4.0.1

Added by Anne Hammond over 1 year ago

We used Redmine 3.2. There was a field on Issue to enter Spent time and select activity, such as Research Issue, Reproduce Issue, Communicate with Customer, etc.

Each entry would total to list the total time spent on the Issue, and list it in "Spent time" field. This field
is clickable to show individual Spent time entries with a Total time.

In redmine 4.0.1, Spent time is a tab at the top of the Project.

When I click on the tab, and edit Spent time for an Issue, it is not a total.

For example, I add
2 hours 02/19/2019 Reproduce and/or test
2 hours 02/19/2019 Documentation

but it shows only 2.00 hours on the Details page.

Have I misconfigured something?

I would like to have Spent time listed on each issue. Is this still possible or do I need to use 3.n?

Thank you,

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RE: Spent time - Redmine 4.0.1 - Added by Bernhard Rohloff over 1 year ago

Hi Anne,

as I can remember it the handling you describe hasn't changed much since 3.2.

The tab in the projects menu bar is just to have more control over the spent time on the project. One can filter spent time entries or generate reports over time periods by user, category etc. You can track you time on single issues as usual by clicking "Log time" in the contextual menu of the issue.

Within the spent time section you can link your entry to a specific issue by filling in the related issue id in the form.

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