Need Help with Rest Api

Added by Sukrit Jain 3 months ago

1. We want to retrieve all issues with all information i.e. journals, relations, children in 1 go. Please can you let us know which api can we use for the same.

2. We also want to get details about the custom fields particularly we want to retrieve custom fields by specifying name of the field. Please help with the api. Also when i try to get the details using, It just keeps popping up asking for credentials

Please note for this implementation i am using with version 2.5

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RE: Need Help with Rest Api - Added by Lorenzo Meneghetti 3 months ago

Hi, first read and then someone will assist you in case of problems.
Any test is very easy to do since you can type the api GET in browser address bar with .json or .xml extension.

RE: Need Help with Rest Api - Added by Mischa The Evil 3 months ago

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