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Added by Akiko Takano over 6 years ago

I've released Issue Template plugin to generate and use issue templates for each project to assist issue creation.

Redmine plugin list: Please see for more details and usage.

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Issue Template Plugin 0.2.0 Released - Added by Akiko Takano 5 months ago

I’ve just updated into v0.2.0.
This version is bugfix and maintenance release.
Feedback is highly appreciated!

Plan to reomve checklists pluginn integration - Added by Akiko Takano 5 months ago

Hi, thanks for using or interesting my plugin.

I'm going to remove the feature to integrate Checklists plugin (free version).
This limited feature was released since v0.1.3.

But now I don't have much time to use Redmine and it's difficult for me to keep following version-up activities of Redmine. (E.g. Redmine 3.x -> Redmine 4).

Of course I'm going to support this template plugin until Redmine itself would implement the same feature.

Instead of above, I hope to remove the limited feature for Checklist plugin.
Does anyone have any questions or troubles in case checklists integration removed?

Akiko Takano wrote:

Hello, I've released Redmine Issue Template 0.1.3, refactoring code and fix some issue.
Also this version has a prototype implementation to integrate Checklists plugin.

If you installed Checklists plugin, template create/edit form has a field to add / remove predefined checklist.
When you create new issue applied template, checklists are created via ajax and jQuery.

Please note: v0.1.3 is required migration, so highly recommend that try and review under development environment.

RE: Issue Template plugin - Added by Rolf Fischer 4 months ago

Hi Akiko,

i find this feature quite useful. It would be a pitty to see this vanishing.

Kind regards, Rolf

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