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Added by Гордеев Алексей over 5 years ago

Does anywhere exist a plugin for a voting (or an inquiry) of a project's members? I don't mean 'like' or 'dislike' votes. Let's suppose a forum discussion. As a result of the discussion, a project leader formulates the discussed question and suggests two or more answer options. And every project's members (with the role specified) should choose one of the options.

I found Basic Polls plugin but it seems to be very old and incompatible with Redmine 2.x and 3.x.

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RE: Plugin for votes (inquiry) - Added by Greg Lewsza about 4 years ago

Hi Aleksey,

We have just released a paid version of plugin mentioned by Martin with such features: Redmine Questions.

So in your scenario: a team manager can post a question, that's an open discussion. Team members posts replies, suggest solutions. Each can be voted (⬆⬇), one vote per user only. After voting, the team leader can select the best reply or most voted answer to be a solution. It will be displayed with green ✅ and will be displayed at top of the discussion.

Here's how such scenario looks here: