How to access plugin settings from a rake task

Added by Heiko Jung over 2 years ago


I'm trying to write my first plugin for Redmine. The plugin is supposed to enable Tickets to be deferred until a specific point in time is passed and then be reactivated automatically.
The plan is to write a plugin with a settings page for the configuration and then to run a rake task by cronjob or task scheduler (Windows) one or two times a day to check for tickets which have to be reactivated. Activation and deactivation only means changing the issue status.

My problem is that I can't access the settings of the plugin from my rake task. How can I access them?

For example one of my Settings is a Dropdown box @settings["delayed_tickets_states"]

My init.rb looks like this:

Redmine::Plugin.register :wolf_it_delayed_tickets do
  name 'WOLF IT Delayed Tickets Plugin'
  author 'xxxxxxx'
  description 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
  version '0.0.1'
  url 'http://witgit.wolfit.intern:3000/Redmine/wolf_it_delayed_tickets'
  author_url 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

  settings :default => {}, :partial => 'settings/wolf_it_delayed_tickets'

The settings page already works, but I have no idea how to access the plugin settings from inside my rake task (this does NOT work, but it explains, what I want to do... at least I hope, it does...):

desc <<-END_DESC
- reactivate deactivated due tickets

  rake redmine:wit_reactivate_tickets

namespace :redmine do

    desc "Reactivates all Tickets hitting the defined criteria" 

    task :wit_reactivate_tickets => :environment do
        options = {}
        options[:delayed_tickets_states] = @settings["delayed_tickets_states"]
        options[:reactivated_tickets_states] = @settings["reactivated_tickets_states"]

        options[:reactivated_tickets_days_before] = @settings["reactivated_tickets_days_before"]

        options[:wit_projects_list] = @settings["wit_projects_list"]
        options[:wit_trackers_list] = @settings["wit_trackers_list"]

        puts "~ Task - Criteria (See Plugin Settings): ~" 
        puts "---------------------------------------" 
        puts "    Delayed State:                 " & @settings["delayed_tickets_states"].to_s
        puts "    Reactivated State:             " & @settings["reactivated_tickets_states"].to_s
        puts "  " 
        puts "    Reactivation distance in days: " & @settings["reactivated_tickets_days_before"].to_s
        puts "  " 
        puts "    Projects to consider:          " & @settings["wit_projects_list"].to_s
        puts "    Trackers to consider:          " & @settings["wit_trackers_list"].to_s
        puts "---------------------------------------" 


I'm new to Redmine plugin development and rails, but I do hope, someone can help me.

Thanks in advance!

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RE: How to access plugin settings from a rake task - Added by Davide Giacometti about 2 years ago

Hi Heiko,

analyzing app/controllers/settings_controller.rb#plugin I was able to access plugin settings from a rake task with this code:

Setting.send "plugin_#{}" 

It returns the settings hash for the plugin. Your plugin id is wolf_it_delayed_tickets, then:

Setting.send "plugin_wolf_it_delayed_tickets" 


RE: How to access plugin settings from a rake task - Added by Jens Krämer about 2 years ago

no need to use send, Setting.plugin_your_plugin_id just works, returning the hash of your plugin settings.