BugMash 1.0: won't be able to attend

Added by Felix Schäfer about 14 years ago

Hi guys,

My laptop has experienced some crash on thursday evening and I had to take it to the repair center. This especially means I won't be able to attend neither the BugMash all WE nor the dev meeting scheduled for today (unless anyone knows an IRC client for iPad? ;-) ) I'll try to post my thoughts for de dev meeting here later on, but it's not much more than what is already on the meeting schedule. I do have a jabber/icq client with me though, if there's any discussion that needs some form of interaction, I could provide them to whomever wants to contact me.

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RE: BugMash 1.0: won't be able to attend - Added by Alexey Palazhchenko about 14 years ago

If your jabber client supports MUCs, you may use some Jabber/IRC gateway, like I'm doing right now.