Redmine Debian packages

Added by Radek Antoniuk over 13 years ago


I'm just wondering, why redmine-mysql and redmine-sqlite packages exists at all?
They are just confusing and they do not have anything inside.
So maybe it would be nice just to drop them, Jeremy? What do you think?

root@warden:~# dpkg -L redmine-mysql
root@warden:~# dpkg -L redmine-sqlite

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RE: Redmine Debian packages - Added by Felix Schäfer over 13 years ago

I suppose they're "virtual" packages to only pull either the sqlite or the mysql dependencies for redmine depending on what DB you want to use.

RE: Redmine Debian packages - Added by Holger Just over 13 years ago

Thy are indeed mainly virtual to pull needed dependency packages to access the selected database.. But they also setup a basic database.yml in their install scripts.