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Added by Etienne Massip over 13 years ago

Muntek Singh did a light but clever redesign of the home page which has the following points of interest :

  • a bit fancier thanks to 2 screenshots
  • direct links to feature description in feature list
  • emphasized rubric for companies and projects using Redmine
  • big link to the demo site that can't be missed

Every content of the actual home page can be found in the redesigned page which are still very similar.

Can't we use it in place of the actual ?

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RE: Home page redesign - Added by Ivan Cenov over 13 years ago

Hmm... the links are useful.
Try Redmine Yourself: is too big.
The screenshots must point to bigger ones.
Anyway, changes should happen time to time, so I'd appreciate that new home page.

RE: Home page redesign - Added by Etienne Massip over 13 years ago

I like the big demo link, you don't even know the number of test issues opened in redmine trackers.

I agree with you about the screenshots ; on the other side, if you really want to see redmine in action, you have shots on the features pages (at least until #949 is made part of core).

Looks globally less austere, but maybe less pro .

RE: Home page redesign - Added by Jean-Baptiste Barth over 13 years ago

I like the idea, thanks Etienne and Muntek !

Just 2 points :
  • I don't really like the first screenshot, I find these graphs seriously awful, while everything else is clean in the default theme. Why not a screenshot of filters and the top of a list of issues ?
  • the ">>>" and "<<<" look a bit 90's, no ? ;)

If we find a consensus, I think we should open a new ticket for this so it becomes visible to everybody including JPL, then we could switch 2 weeks after if nobody has any objection.