Is there a ISO with CentOS?

Added by Guilherme Sperb over 13 years ago


Is there a ISO with CentOS?
I asked you because I saw avaliable only ISO with suse or umbuntu.
We use redmine on windows but have a poor performance, so we decided to migrate the redmine for linux enviroment, but we (in my company) have a lot of problems to install the redmine, so we decided to use the ISO. How we use in our enviroment only red hat or CentOS I would like to use the default of my company.
Is it possible that you get it?

Thanks a lot,

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RE: Is there a ISO with CentOS? - Added by Felix Schäfer over 13 years ago

I don't know of other packaged versions than those linked on the download pages. If you want to stick to RHEL or CentOS, you can also get help installing Redmine on those platform, I'd recommend PlanIO (see CommercialOfferings) (disclaimer: I know a few guys from PlanIO but don't work for them).

RE: Is there a ISO with CentOS? - Added by Andy Bolstridge about 13 years ago

Bitnami offers a VM for Ubuntu and Suse (not CentOS) and a CentOS 'stack' where everything is installed for you.

Personally, I prefer to install it manually, as then I can fiddle with it, and the bitnami installer installs things I've already got set up and working.