Looking for paid help

Added by Tomasz Mirecki almost 5 years ago

Dear all,

I am using Redmin and loving it. I have 4 requests:

  1. help with installing the plugin (
  2. update my redmine to latest stable version?
  3. to configure redmine to update issues via email:
  4. To have a open contact with someone to update redmine to stable version once a year and to work with me when I get error.

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RE: Looking for paid help - Added by Ernesto Matos over 4 years ago

I am software engineer with several years of experience working with Redmine, I can help you!!..If you are interested here is my email ...thanks

RE: Looking for paid help - Added by James H over 4 years ago

I have been administrating redmine for about 5 years in the Windows Server environment, was the person who first installed and set it up and since then have done several upgrades, plugin installations, customizations, etc.