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Redmine search: improve, make better and smarter. (title matching first, then content)

Added by Aleksey Timohin over 8 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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The problem

It's really hard to find something useful in large Wiki.

Now Redmine search seems to display results ordered by last modification date.

Why it's not good?

Here are examples:
  1. There is a page called Guide in Redmine Wiki. I want to find it.
    1. I open Wiki, and type "Guide" in search box
    2. Redmine opens results page
    3. What do I see? Wiki page I was looking for is not even on first page. =(
    4. Even if check "search in Titles only", result is still awful


I suggest to display results in following order:
  1. First, exact Title matching (ordered by last modification date)
  2. Then, partial title matching (ordered by last modification date)
  3. Then, exact matching to description (or, maybe (not sure), some other fields, including custom)
  4. Then partial matching to description (ordered by last modification date)
This should work for
  • Issues
  • Wiki pages
  • etc

Why should we change search?

Because this will greatly improve usability. Search is most important thing working with issues and wiki.


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#2 Updated by Jens Krämer about 5 years ago

I implemented something like that for PostgreSQL in a plugin by using the built in fulltext indexing and scoring functions.

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