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Author: Jens Krämer
Code repository:
Registered on: 2015-09-19 (over 8 years ago)
Current version: 1.0.0
Compatible with: Redmine 4.0.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x
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This plugin changes the default Redmine search to use PostgreSQL full text indices.

Search results will be sorted by relevance instead of modification date, hits in titles / names will generally score higher than hits in desciption / body text. Term (foobar) and Prefix Queries (foob*) are supported, the usual Redmine options (titles only and all words) work as expected.

Installation notes

Basic Redmine plugin installation instructions apply. After that, run

rake redmine_postgresql_search:rebuild_index

to build the initial index. Depending on the amount of data this might take a while and put your machine under considerable load.

Postgresql (obviously) and Ruby 2.0 or greater required.


1.0.0 (2015-09-18)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x.

User ratings

  by mathew murphy about 8 years ago

Wonderful! Redmine search with full sentence queries!