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After migrating from Mantis to RedMine 2.0 and changing tracker labels, almost all issues deleted

Added by Justus Pieke about 12 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Dear all,

I am not sure if I can trust Red Mine in a live environment. We studies Red Mine migrated from Mantis to 2.0. Then implemented our process by configuring the tracker label and workflow. After conficuring we lost all migrated issues. Does any one know what went wrong?

Losing all commercial data in a live situation will be disaster.

When we know why the database suddenly deletes almost all items we know something but now we have no clue!

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Updated by William Conley about 12 years ago

At what point (precisely) did the data get deleted? Can you duplicate this and state what step of the "configuration" caused the deletion? Also, can you confirm the data in the database and then confirm its deletion at a specific stage or "time"?

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Updated by C S over 2 years ago

Since the last entry in this ticket was 9 years ago and it concerns a version that is no longer supported, I guess it could be closed;)

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In a real setting, I'm unsure if I can trust Red Mine. We looked into Red Mine when it switchedfrom Mantis to 2.0. The tracker label and workflow were then configured to put our method into practise. After conficuring, all transferred problems were gone. Anyone with knowledge of the problem?It would be disastrous to lose all commercial data in an operational setting.We'll know something when we figure out why the database deletes practically all of its objects at once, but for now we're at a loss.


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