Defect #1209

"View differences" of one file at /repositories/revision/ fails

Added by Go MAEDA over 14 years ago. Updated over 14 years ago.

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Target version:0.7.2
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"View differences" of one file at /repositories/revision/ fails.
This problem happens depending on directory depth of repository URL. '' is OK but '' is NG.

How to reproduce:

Consider the following conditions.

  • Project name is "example_project".
  • Repository URL is
  • A revision contains some file like "foo.rb" which url is ""
  1. Set repository URL to ""
  2. View the revision.
  3. click "View differences" of "foo.rb". You will see error message "The entry or revision was not found in the repository".

The cause of this problem is that the page "/repositories/diff/" expects the path "/project_name/foo.rb" but "View differences" passes "/project_name/subdir/foo.rb".

Related issues

Related to Redmine - Defect #1275: View differences for individual file of a changeset fails... Closed 2008-05-21

Associated revisions

Revision 1446
Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 14 years ago

Fixed: View differences for individual file of a changeset fails if the subversion repository URL doesn't point to the repository root (#1209, #1262, #1275).


#1 Updated by Marco Tralles over 14 years ago

i've the same problem using redmine 0.7.1 on my server. The production-log shows:

Processing RepositoriesController#diff (for at 2008-05-13 15:04:58) [GET]
  Session ID: 3f4d9273a4c8af0b2e6c9269805ffabf
  Parameters: {"rev"=>"39", "action"=>"diff", "id"=>"project", "controller"=>"repositories", "path"=>["filename"]}
Rendering template within layouts/base
Completed in 0.11232 (8 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.02183 (19%) | DB: 0.00000 (0%) | 500 Internal Server Error [http://redmine.domain.tld/repositories/diff/project/filename?rev=39]

#2 Updated by Chris Platts over 14 years ago

Same here. This (for me) is a regression, since the bug was not present in 0.7-stable (currently running 0.7.devel.1432)

My project's respository URL is set to

The View Differences link is passing

#3 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 14 years ago

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Fixed in r1446.

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